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22 year old Female from Fort Lauderdale, UNITED STATES US
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hii everyone im tiffany im 16 yrs old and heres the thing about me if you hate me thats fine with me and its fine if you hate me because im emo im proud to be i have my own life and style soo yea and i dont give a fuck of what you people think about me or say about me cuz your sayings and words dont hurt me and other thing dont trust my nices ok i may sound nice but im not and dont mess with my family or firends ok if you fuck with them your goin to have to deal with me i dont care who you are just dont mess with me or my family ok and the last time dont get on my bad side its not pretty and i can do evil on who evers messess with me so just letting you guys know stay on my good said loves ya'llll
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