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17 year old Female from Makkah, SAUDI ARABIA SA
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Hum Saans nahi....Tumhara Naam lete hai....Tum Mohabbat Bante Bante Jaan Ban Gaye ho... ❤❤💞💋
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Hello.. so I m Reem...and I m a student... Now bout me .... About me can use very less words... So I m or I maybe be very stern and serious cuz I wanna be a dentist hence I m very attached to my occupation and therefore I don't bear any nonsense from anyone and I lyk genuine and polite ppl with kind, generous and humble hearts... I am an introvert and I don't like talking to people a lot... I am a million jute bags full of secrets but there is one important and strong barrier between me and people which restricts all the secrets I could tell u and that barrier is TRUST and LOYALTY.... I have been liked a lot by two guys who weren't worth me... So now after that I can never trust any guy in my life.... But I do have a best Frnd whom I can trust and of course there r my parents too....I m funny and caring.... My eyes r the most attractive part of my face and they r just soo deep that they'll make you a magical mystery within them....:):)
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