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Kya yaha mere friends h???? Ya fir mere aane se sab chale gaye???
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Hii I am Arani a simple begali girl.Much games is a turning point of my life.Because I hv made many cute besties here whom I will always remember.My besties are Shteyu,Anku,Nandu,Anamika,Ayan,shumalia etc.... I have to say that MG is more speciall for me because it gave me the person whon I love and that is Samar!I dont know where he is and he remembers me or not vut still I love him miss him very much.'Love' sounds very complicated but its very lovely feeling! Love is not obnly a relationship. It can be friendlove,brolove,sislove,parentlove and many more but the most speciall love is that love which you hv for the person of your heart.But I never got that.Love.Anyways I hv some ppl who loves me more than that.Much Game is a Very Importent page of my life book.And my friends are too..I joined mg on 2015.And I use to come here often now but in 2015 I was coming here daily.I love all my besties and especially Samar my jaan! Miss all of my friends! Pls talk to me soon.I cant say that I am because I have to go again. Varun is my Favvv hero.I love him so much.And Alia nd Deepika is my fav actress.Main varun ki premika😍😍hehe ... I am also little filmy. I hate those persons who make fun of love.Love is a serious thing its not made for fun.Ppls heart is connected to this. I never cried for leaveing any website but really cried after leaving mg.It hurted me deeply.But I had to do that for studies.I hope all my friends remember me! I love them too much! Missing them BADLY! #Backforsomedays .
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