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18 year old Female from Rochester, UNITED STATES US
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its been forever but im back baby!
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If you wondering who I am...I am 11, five foot 4 about, blond, smart of coarse lol. I like sports, my favorites are soccer, track, cross country, basket ball..yeah I like more.My favorite school subjects are math and science, I accept every friend request I get...I don't know I am weird like that. When I am bored I shop or look at clothes online Abercrombie of coarse its a store for all you people who did not know that. My favorite book is Flipped. my hobbies are making bracelets and well having fun. If you waste my time I swear I will shove you fist down you windpipe but hey it takes awhile to annoy me, don't push it though. And for god's sake don't date on like its stupid, never met that some one yet but I am 11 got plenty of time to go. I am catholic, I don't go to church much though.My favorite colors are pink and orange. I talk too much, way too much, And if you read this whole thing well I will send you some thing maybe. I cuss sometimes but no one is perfect right? My favorite types of movies are horror and comedy. My favorite thing to do is hang out with my friends, I ask questions when I am bored, if you have not noticed yet. So yeah thats me a whole paragraph or two of me. Laters read it as you wish don't call me anything rude or well you will have to see, don't push it! I also like kesha, katy perry, adele, pitbull, usher, black eye peas, LMAFO, and so on..bye
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