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28 year old Female from Apollo Beach, UNITED STATES US
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Hey Everyone ^_^ I'm a girl who likes basketball aka "the best sport ever" :D but I can be girly too :D I love to listen to music and play video games. Also love anime...my favorite is Vampire Knight and Ouran High School Host Club!! Im 23 yrs old and I like to get to know ppl :) and making many new friends!! My best friends are all those on my list XD they love me and i love them xD My name is Rebecca...but my friends call me Becca A.K.A.-APPLE. I dont give my number to you unless I know you really well. My besties are BringOnTheHeat, LostSoul, Loverbabe, Dreamz4ev3r, die328, deathspark, popcron16, iysegaming, irock162, criminalmind, cookiemonsterluv, flyingpigsx3, lillymoonlight, ILikeGirls123, and echo20. I am very sensative...so don't hurt my feelings. I'm here for friends :) I love music...OMG, it's my life xD but I pretty much listen to anything except rock, heavy metal, or rap. Wish I could play the guitar...but I can sing ^_^ so at least I have one thing going for me :D If you wanna get with me...you better know me pretty well cause I don't want fakers! But I'm the type of person that is friendly until I get hurt or threatened, or a friend is hurt/threatened...then you better watch out cause I'll be coming for ya. I like to play MMOs...such as GF or EDEN...that is where I send most of my time, along with FB. Want to know anything else just message me :) $$$_______$$$_____$$$____$$$_______$$$__$$$$$$$$$$ $$$_____$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$__$$$_______$$$__$$$$$$$$$$ $$$____$$$____$$$____$$$__$$$_____$$$___$$$_______ $$$____$$$_____IS,____$$$__$$$_____$$$___$$$_______ $$$_____$$$___PAIN__$$$____$$$___$$$____$$$$$$$$__ $$$______$$$_______$$$______$$$_$$$_____$$$_______ $$$_______$$$_____$$$_______$$$_$$$_____$$$_______ $$$$$$$$$___$$$_$$$__________$$$$$______$$$$$$$$$$
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