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18 year old Male from New York, UNITED STATES US
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if u wanna talk to me. My kik is Tkofang4.
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OK.Its been a while since i updated this thing,and to be honest i have no idea what to say lol.Well i will tell u what u need to know.My name is Fang-for the people who didnt know-I love anime,listening to music,traveling,protecting my friends,keeping them happy and hanging with them.Anyway if u wanna friend me go right ahead.As long as u dont say anything to tick me off.I kinda have a temper problem so...yeah.I also have a big sis on this site.Her name is PokaCola.Dont mess with her or my gf.T.T U WILL DIE.If u wanna know more just add me.Also comment my pics and rate my profile.Dont mess with my little sis Serina either.T.T seriously i will kick your ass if u do.Leave her alone.Anyway peace
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