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24 year old Female from Baltimore, UNITED STATES US
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:o I am not Insane.. :D At least I think.
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Ello, Mah names ish Sierra and as you see I am Insane. Sometimes I can be foolish, and Mean Why? Caues people act like theyre all of that and you allready know. I am single and ish NOT Desprate. I am not a Cheater nor a Wimp. So if you got something to say. We can deal that out right now. I hate Justin Beiber :O Hes an gay Fissh,, :P And... I am a Wiz Khalifa Fan :o And I know. I am white he ish Black. colors don't have nuffin' to do with shit. :P And when I mean Shit. I don't mean Literaly Shit. :D Anddd just in case you sawed spelling Errors.. >.> Ignore them don't come up to me saying its wrong..
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