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its cause of me, and i never heard anyones plea, but now that i can see, i can set those i hurt free, and i hope that one day i can be..
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there are few people that knew me, and those that did i apologize, i may be a very bad person but i learned so much in the past years. it took so long for me to get my mind in a better set, but now i only come in hopes to make amends, may those who hate me or feel pain by me, may they be blunt and tell me and let me know, i will try in my best to try to help apologize and fix what I've done, and i only ask for forgiveness . to those who don't know me, i am M.A.C. if you wish to know more, ask away, I'm loaded with answers, i just never speak much in person anymore, so send a message.
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