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104 year old Female from Melbourne, AUSTRALIA AU
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If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain! ~The rain is me~ :D
Born On: Aug 5, 1914
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roses are red---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- violets are blue------------------------------------------------------------------------------------you knows its true--------------------------------------------------------------------------------that this is bullshit too---------------------------------------------------------------------------it took me from the core-------------------------------------------------------------------------yet you only wanted more-----------------------------------------------------------------------too scared to speak, didnt sleep--------------------------------------------------------------wouldnt walk towards the door, couldnt even count the four------------------------i rose up. i survived the violets----------------------------------------------------------------"she asked for it" he cried--------------------------------------------------------------------"she never woke up" he swore------------------------------------------------------------"she was never hurt before" he tried-------------------------------------------------------but i did speak, i didnt want it, i tried to sleep, i did wake up------------------------i went to the door because i was hurt before-----------------------------------------------------------------many many times, times by four
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