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Earthlings are so stupid. I miss my home planet.
Subject:Name:Jamie D. Rèxon.. EarthAge:18..Gender:Unidentifiable.. NaturalHeight:5'8.. NaturalWeight:186.. NaturalEyes:Rainbow. Species:Sliminoid.. HomePlanet:Futopia.. Zodiac:Cancer.. Sexuality:Pansexual.. Personality:Distant at first,Loving,Nurturing,Violent,Rude,Weird,Moody.. Talents: Poetry,Fighting,Singing,Handwork. Powers:Magic.. Weakness:Sulfur, Febreze.. Weapons:Any and Everything Possible to use.. _________________________________________________________ |FamilyAndFriends: Cousin:Kai.. Brother:Spy,Tig,Taheem,Hamish,Angel.. Sisters:Miku,Misaki,Claire,Abby.. | Mate:Matt.. | Daughters:Kaylee,Princess.. BSFF:Jay.. BestFriends:Jonas,Alyssa,Chrisy,Skye,Rose,Leo,Scar,Nene,Asha,Janey, Miko,Jack,Seff,Nick.. Masters:?.. Servants:?.. _________________________________________________________ |Favorites:Things:Homestuck,Pokemon,Killing and Horror Games,Zombies,Music.. Games:Pokemon,YandereSim,CoD and anything scary.. Pokemon:Typhlosion,Ditto,Mewtwo,Gardevoir.. Colors:VelvetRed,Black,Purple,Pink.. Animals:Cephalopods,Bats,Reptiles And Amphibians.. Music:Anything but usually Blues, Dark Cabaret,Jazz,Rock,Swing,ElectroSwing.. _________________________________ |Research: A slime Alienoid made from years of Sliminoid crossbreeding. A very rare specimen. Mentally, Very human-like..Though some exceptions which we cannot speak of. It seems to have the ability to ShapeShift Into anything it desires to. The creature is very fond of Children And kind-hearted people, very close and will sometimes act like a Motherly figure to them. When bonded closely it's loyalty and care Is remarkable strong,But hurt it enough, the care will die completely. Attention and care is needed or the creature gets very depressed feeling unneeded and alone. It has family, though only the hatched spawn are ''blood'' related. Creature is highly dangerous no matter what provoking it is not wise. Seems to lead an entire planet of one of the more meek Slimoid species. Besides differing forms, all genders seem to be the same.
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