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i searched for u but i never found u my love .......@famouskiller ♥ i am heart broken and u never know that my prince ♥♥♥☺
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HI. -looks to see if u are an anime fan- xD. so hereeeee i am , Sakura Takshi from Tokyo,Japan. i guess u like mah country or else i am gonna kick ur ass off Xd. i am 12 but i m PRETTY SCARY:3 i am MORE involved in love and romance than ur fucking sex chats xD. dONT GET ME WRONG, GOD knows that i can change mah mind :P i ♥ anime n u can see that :) u can call me mini chihaya as i am a great fan of hers n u should know that BY NOW freaking hell xD. and if u ever fall in L♥ve WITH MEEEEEE then i would look like chihaya(the first pic in mah billboard) and yeah i am already TAKEN. means TAKEN. i am the girlfriend of famouskiller n i love him . if i hear YOU are messing up with him then i gonna kick u on ur fucked up ass ! xD. and obviously i choose mah best friends so that NO bitch in in mah list xD. ♥♥♥♥-(not for u xD) for mah bf :P and yeah i make friends with ppl of my thoughts Xd . :P if u love me then u are gonna hate me too n i assure u that :P cause m a TYPICAL japanese :3 i roleplay n i love it but ONLY chihayafuru xD. if u insult my chihaya then u are gonna pay for it.............like u are gonna fuck a dog xD hey that's a joke :P i watch all types of anime n obviously love ones ♥ i am not the FUCKING SEXY TYPE. xD :P i am PRETTY so u can fall in love with me :P xD so love ♥ me or hate me, i am still gonna ROCK as usual xD ^_^ ANYWAYS welcome to mah profile :) i am not that bad as u see.....heart changes with time mah dear (bragging)xD huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu this is my style . in reality i am just so pretty and awkward :O nut tell u what people, i really dont care about looks. personality defines a person better xD how lamEeE :) LOVE ME for a #LOVEBACK #chihayafan #styleishswager ♥♥♥♥♥ btw, lol n love ya ♥♥☼╘♫ sakura ♥♥♥♥
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