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Name: SCP-049-B (Plague Nurse). Object class: Euclid. Real name: Paige Fairington. Age: ???. Eyes: Cherry red (but in her profile pics her eyes are black and white) Hair: Black. BIO: The specimen known has SCP-049-B is also known as the "Plague Nurse", due to her resemblance to the traditional plague nurses in the middle ages. However, it is unknown if this creature is really human or not, especially due to the fact that the long sleeved shirt, pants, and boots are part of her body, thus making her somewhat alien. SCP-049-B is very much docile, except when she helps SCP-049 or the "Plague DOCTER" perform surgery on patients. Anytime one makes physical contact with her, the person dies and SCP-049-B takes the body with her, and thus, a bizarre form of surgery is started. Believing that she and SCP-049 are "curing" the person, they dissect the dead body and place chemicals inside of it. After sewing up the corpse, the corpse becomes reanimated into a zombie that does their every bidding. Powers/Abilities: *Surgery, *Necromancy, *Disease detecting senses, *Teleportation. Intro/Outro: *Intro: A black swirling wall is present on 1P's position. Out comes SCP-049-B and SCP-049. They say together, "Did someone call the nurse or docter? -049-B giggles-", *Outro: The camera cuts to the defeated opponent's first-person- POV. SCP-049-B walks to him/her kneeling down and says, "you will become a new being. -giggles-" and tosses a flask of chemicals onto him/her. The camera cuts back to a regular veiw with the opponent getting up as a zombie. SCP-049-B and SCP-049 look at the camera screen and they show off their deadly hands. Special moves: *Scalpel Throw: SCP-049-B throws a scalpel at her opponent same as SCP-049 does, *Touch of Death: She touches her opponent causing him/her to fall down same as SCP-049 does, *Swinging Scissors: She twirls a pair of surgical scissors around at her opponent same as SCP-049 does, *Needle Throw: She gets out a box of hypodermic needles at her opponent same as SCP-049 does, *Teleport: She shifts out of sight and reappears behind her opponent same as SCP-049 does. Character Trait: SCP-049-B-2: SCP-049-B sends in SCP-049-B-2, a zombiefied "patient" of her's who comes at her opponent and will either carry a sickle, a scythe, or a shovel and depending on what version of the input, SCP-049-B-2 will slash at her opponent in a certain position. (more coming soon)
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