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Talk too me anyone!!!
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The Soldier----- The trenches cold and worn, The fields dirty and forlorn, The land cut and bloody, But for the soldier and his sacrifices- barley any money. Yet he fights on for country and glory, So he can tell his kids a good story, and keep the enemy off his soil, so his friends and comrads don't need to toil. But in time- peace will arise, and when he goes home he cries, but he has no prejudice for his past, He's just happy to be home... Home at last! Hey guys! My name is Zac. I have instagram, facebook, xbox live. If you have an xbox and have a mic, are 14 years of age i can Recruit you into XGN! My xbox live gamertag is XGN KorruptKill! Add me and send a voice message to me if you want to join! Im a 1st captian in xgn. Well thats it so... bye!
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