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23 year old Male from Newark, UNITED STATES US
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i care about people dat i no real close or ma gf,i repect girls,i like 2 no girls b4 i go out wit dem, i like da drums i, i use the computer sometimes,m cool in real life i have lots of friends i respect people if they respect me.ill be nice to u if u be nice to me.ill be nasty too if u r to me.and if u start a problem with me i get my peeps and jump u, im single,and ma cousin is popeyes16 he is cool and single 2,A scattered dream is like a far-off memory, a far-off memory is like a scattered dream, i want to line the pieces up,yours and mine. ma best friends r MARYDAGR8,MA SIS HAWIIANMEX.i have a friend his name is JSTNBRO6 he is like a brother 2 me we go 2 da same skool and he will help meh and wen i fall he will pick meh up and so will his sis they r like family dude dont change u kool. Peace. ;)
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