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25 year old Male from Columbiana, UNITED STATES US
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trying to get pics
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im a big dog yall dont wanna fuck with me i rule on the streets like a trucker bee move out my way when its time to get paid wat do u know about hydrolics on an escalade we hit switches like they do it in cali except we aint in 6-4 we ride in danalies lexes vipers eaten up the flore straight out swordfish with the tv on lil'kim and tomek we soo hot we burnin give to u put it down in german gibs mir richtig ganz egal wo said role right or dont role at all now get ur all on get ur rub on all my gees in the club get ur thug on gets ur name back put ur ping on big boys at the bar get ur drink on blow the smoke out get ur seem on lowridres get ur lean on gets ur name back puts ur pack on all u haterz if u yak ill put the smack on
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