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108 year old Male from Elmer, UNITED STATES US
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They ain't stop makin guns when they made yours ~ Ybn Numhir
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Haters always welcome to my page. My names George but most of you guys may know me as JJ. Always nice to other people only if they nice to me. Overprotective of my girl friends. See as i didnt say girlfriend's. My best friend is Pablo. Had to come up wth that cash just to get him out of jail. My second probably best friend is Bonqueque. Relationship status:single. My number one hater is Alexis (Lexi203) haters be mad for whatever reason. If yall want to know more about me just post something..question or anything. I'll try to get back to you as quick as i can.All right lets get this shit straight. I'm not dating nobody. Yall niggas hear that? I'm single. And we at least need to be on friends terms. Anyway my Instagram is yungking.oso and my Snapchat is Youngkid.kash
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