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18 year old Male from Assé, FRANCE FR
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you dont need to worry about grenades now lol - Jäger
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Uh, yeah, outside I can hear 'em bussin', bussin' And the police they rushin' Go to my head like concussion I'd rather not have this discussion My mind racing for the elevation of the toxic in my blood Where my mind, don’t know now But I know where it was I need Nikki, where is Nikki Baby girl please come and get me Now I’m old and shit is trippy, but I know that god is with me This that baby mama drama Give a fuck about a man I know I'ma Be there for my son, talking with my sister it begun End of the month, that’s the worst of the month But the first of the month put the weed in the blunt That welfare check, check Won’t ever bounce like my daddy did But I’m glad he did cause it made me strong
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