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19 year old Male from Edwardsville, UNITED STATES US
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Life is a spark that into bursts into flame. The one who caused it keeps it tame. Each fire living to fullfill its desires. From its first moments to its final hours. Every desire is filled with a passion. One that cant be cooled in an orderly fashion. The world that is filled with fires. Has its problems like killers and liars. But fire bring change thats truly believably. But is this world truly evil?
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My full name is Julian Javon Myers, but i prefer Jay. I am bi-racial, 16, and 6'2 which a lot of people say is pretty tall. I like to read, cook, sleep, draw, etc. I can be childish at times but if you need help i will be in your corner. I used to be chubby and wierd and was teased alot so i know how you feel. I am also 76.7% Irish (I also lived in Ireland till i was 4). I know this because of ancestry.com good site. But lastly if you have questions or just want to know leave a post or if i am online pc me if you want i dont mind.
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