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23 year old Female from Rio Grande City, UNITED STATES US
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get over your self
about alyy: I could be the best but i chose to be the greatest lmao(: Hating the single thingy:P i am alyy get used to my personality if not jst screw yu xP i am the loudest and craziest chik evr frends com n go so i dnt get to attached anymore T: alyy's music: well you cud tell wit the music i hve on my billboard,(: alyy's hobbies: running dancing excericing volleyball ride bike skate board(yes its true) play guitar play piano sing etc.. alyy's details: i am 15, i am a freshman, i am single, need more to get to kno me jst ask me it wont hurt to kno a lil more(:
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