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What in the shit
Life is precious, no matter how shitty it seems. I know you might be thinkin' ''This bitch don't know my life'' but really, that doesn't matter. Life's a gift, and not all gifts are perfect, man. Be glad of that gift, embrace it, run passed all the obstacles. Soon enough you'll see how wonderful life can be, not matter how roughly it started out. Never give up, or you're just giving up on what could've been. Don't let others bring you down, man. It's natural to feel sad about some shit, feel horrible, but don't let it bring you so low that you can't get back up. Some need help, some need to give help. We're supposed to be here for each other, not against. If someone gives you help or advice, don't push it away, we all need some here and then. Don't stray too far from who you truely are, you're you and nothing else. Be you. We're all imperfect, but also perfect. Sincerely ~ Your lovable asshole.
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