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17 year old Male from Kolkata, INDIA IN
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"...And you were there at the turn, Waiting to let me know...."- Burn It Down by Linkin Park
I'll try to write as honest an about as I can. I try to be honest as much as possible without ruining things too much. Which is why I won't always reply "how are you" with "awesome!" or "good"... Forced positivity drives me crazy, but there's hardly much I can do about it.... I'm kinda lucky and kinda unlucky in a way. Unlucky cuz, even though I don't wanna be a bad person, somethings just trigger me and I come off as rude and mean those times... But I'm also astonishingly lucky to have friends who still support me even after facing that side of me... I will be annoying when the times are hard, I will be crying cuz I'm a retard. Although I might seem like a bard, I'm just a fool who's moving on forward :)
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