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Go to my new profile and friend it in a month this one is getting deletedNEW PROFILE:TheForgottenOne
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My life REALLY SUCKS MOST OF THE TIME but every other time i'm actually lucky enough to have an ok day.I also REALLY DON'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT WHAT PEOPLE THINK ABOUT ME.I fawkin hate satanists they make no sense.To be honest I don't really care for any Religion,I mean I have a religion but i'm not all obsessed with it.I'm really smart but i'm not real nerdy well sometimes I am,but not all the time :D.I'm Emo and Goth.Halloween is my favorite holiday!I love to scare the little kids.Also not all Emos are suicidal and cut themselves only some of them do,I'm the type of Emo that doesn't do all that.If you hate me just cause i'm emo FUCK YOU cause you don't even know me.
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