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Well if I have to im 11 years old my name is Sebastain im Bisexual....if you bully Moabites/hiy ill take you to jerry springer and beat your ass legaly sister anyways im trying not to go insane sorry about that will im a nice guy I don't like it when people dis respect me so if you please treat me how you would treat your self and I promise to not say the truth about you I know almost everyone on here rhi, flame2099, ike, everyone im not going to say who I am or what I am but ill tell you this everyone knows me as random a freak I don't back down from a fight no more hints anyways I like anime im Bisexual a youtuber charmander22k bardock/WickedGrim TV478 I know your like whats up with this guy im very very very very [3 hours later of verys] weird I know know know know you might think im crazy and your not wrong I can curse anyone out at anytime...so yeah pc anytime ckuf enoyevre kcuf 9902emalf roblox:iiBardockKai9 Skype:Skydoesminecrafy
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