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21 year old Female from Modesto, UNITED STATES US
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Hey if u don't know me then u need too. Im a chill person im into track basketball and volleyball my favorite color is turquoise.I appreciate friends who give me good advice and are always there when i need them even if im hella rude to them. I don't like guys on here tht ask for nudes or for more pics of me this is all u get. Dont ask why my user is 450 cuz i really dont know it just came to mind one day. Dont criticize me because i dont like people who do tht if u dont have something nice to say dont freaking say it at all. My motto is u weren't borne to fit in u were born to stand out - Dr. Seuss. If u want to know more about me or need a friend to talk to u im ur girl just pc me (:
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