Top Casino Bonuses - September 2017

New Online Casinos

Casinos have a well-defined set of game categories they adhere to, these games include slots, poker, roulette, and craps. The appearance of an entirely new online casino game is rare but there are regular new twists and iterations within these categories.

Gambler's Guide to the Newest Online Casinos of 2017

Certain game categories have more new developments than others. Slots grow most often because, in addition to seeking out new licenses from the popular movie and television properties, manufacturers and programmers consistently add new tweaks and bonus structures.

Other games do receive similar updates from time to time, however. For example, some recent developments in video poker include the “split card” option and games with dice-based multiplier bonuses. In other table games, it’s more likely to see new bets developed rather than changes to the game, for example, the relatively new “fire bet”, seen commonly at online craps tables.

new online casinos

Skill-based gaming is a new but promising aspect of gaming. It's an area that casinos are pursuing aggressively in an attempt to woo younger players who have thus far shown little interest in casino staples like slots and keno. To accelerate the acceptance among Millennials, casinos now incorporate social media sharing elements into games.

New Online Slots

The big reveal for new slots happens each year at the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas in October. Though this event focuses primarily on casino floor games, manufacturers like IGT and Konami exhibit online versions as well.

One area where both online and casino floor slots are developing rapidly is in the implementation of progressive bonuses. One of the big trends is the multi-progressive slot game. Instead of one big progressive jackpot, the minor jackpots all grow on a progressive basis as well. Online casinos have a distinct advantage here because they aren't confined by physical floor space — a lot of players can feed the progressives to keep things exciting — so the casino can afford to payout frequent, smaller wins.

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Brand New Online Slots Game – 7's Gold Fruitmachine

Newest Video Poker Games

A hot trend in video poker is the addition of slot-like bonus rounds and multipliers to the game. For example, “Hot Roll” is a bonus multiplier added when the player is playing the maximum coins. At random, two dice will be rolled, and the total becomes a winnings multiplier for a set number of hands.

Modern Technology Makes Online Gaming Safe

Regardless of which casino game you choose, you should only play at online casinos or casino apps that are licensed and regulated.

Regulation ensures secure deposits and withdrawals, and fair play and odds. eCOGRA is one of the largest online casino regulators, if you see eCOGRA's logo and contact information, you know the online casino is safe to play for real money.

Besides security, you should also look for social features like in-play chat, user forums, a large community, and even gift sharing – all signs of an active, engaged user community.

New Online Skill-Based Casino Games

Skill-based games have recently penetrated casino floors, and they are poised to expand rapidly into online gaming.

How does the casino implement skill-based play and still retain its edge? Thus far, the casino allows players to compete with one another rather than the house. It then takes a “rake” of the overall play, similar to the way it profits off of table poker.

Some early versions of skill-based games are variants of poker or blackjack. The games require that at least two human players be present. The players take cards from a central pool, using video touch screen controls, in an attempt to assemble the best possible hand.

Certain slot machines are also experimenting with a skill-based bonus round. For example, some of IGT's “Reel Edge” series allows players to play a retro-style video game in the bonus round for extra winnings. It has a licensed version of Atari's classic arcade game “Centipede” that can be played during bonus rounds. The more centipedes the player destroys, the more money is won!

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New Online Casino Games and Social Media

Gaming companies are actively exploring the synergistic effect of combining online casino games and social media. Some casino games have already added the ability to log into various social media accounts and share screenshots of a big win.

2017 gambling tips for millennials

The Future of Casinos is Now

new gambling technologies

New online casino offerings will develop rapidly in the coming years, especially as game developers master how to corral the lucrative market of younger players who want skill-based games. Online casinos are the ideal place to test market new ideas since there are no physical floor space restrictions or major overhead costs. Interesting twists on old classics as well as completely new ideas are in development and the online platform will likely be the first to showcase them.



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