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iPhone Casinos

Smartphones are now as common as refrigerators and televisions. But it wasn't long ago that they were a revolutionary technological breakthrough, and Apple's iPhone was the brand that started it all.

The iPhone is still considered the premier smartphone. Each new release brings a frenzy of excitement, and new iPhones usually retail at relatively high prices due to their high-quality parts and cutting-edge technology. Owners of recent iPhones are at an advantage in the online gambling world because the phone is sturdy enough to handle whatever casino app it comes across.

The Player's Guide to iPhone Casinos

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This guide will cover hardware and software requirements for iPhone casinos, as well as how to install them successfully. We will also provide tips for playing games on the iPhone.

How Many iPhone Casinos Are Available?

Many casinos offer iPhone apps, but they are not as common as desktop download software or Android apps. Its operating system represents a much smaller share of the overall market compared to Windows or Android.

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That doesn't mean online casinos have abandoned iPhone users, even if they don't offer an iOS app. Casinos often direct iPhone users to their no download browser-based version instead. It allows you to use Safari (or any similar web browser) to play instantly without having to save anything locally to your phone or download an app. iPhones tend to be more powerful than other phones and more than capable of handling gaming without using local storage.

What Type Of Phone Do I Need To Run an iPhone Casino?

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Only Apple manufactures iPhones, so it's the only brand that runs iOS. The only question is—how new is your iPhone?

If your iPhone model was manufactured in the last three years or so, you should have no trouble getting any online casino to work with it. Right now, iOS 6.0 (which was released in 2012) is the oldest version you can use to access modern casino apps. The original iPhone and the iPhone 2 cannot upgrade to iOS 6, but the iPhone 3GS can.

A Casino Is Offering an iPhone App, But I Can't Download It!

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Apple's products are unique because they require you to download all apps from iTunes. iTunes places strict restrictions on real money gambling apps in territories where they are illegal, however. A casino site may say it offers an iPhone app on iTunes, but if you're in a place like the United States where online gaming is largely illegal, you won't see it listed. Within the United States, however, you may be able to download certain gaming apps in legal states like New Jersey.

To install an app outside of iTunes, you have to “jailbreak” the phone. It is not recommended as it voids the warranty and puts you at risk for viruses. This is the reason why legitimate casinos will not offer an iPhone app outside of iTunes.

However, to comply with unusual local laws in some territories, some providers may have two different iPhone casino apps. One is for free play with no real wagering, and the other is for real money wagering. Australia is one territory where you may see this happen. Usually, you will see the “free” app as the only one listed on iTunes, but when you download and install it you get the option to also set up the “real money” app, which will usually have a slightly different name.

Tips for Playing Casino Games on the iPhone

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An official app of a legitimate casino will always be free to download. If it asks you to pay an up-front fee, it is likely a scam.

If multiple versions of a casino app are offered, look for either the iPhone-specific or “universal” version. While iPad-specific versions might run on an iPhone, their design causes problems, as they are tailored toward a larger screen.

Want to take a screenshot of your big jackpot on the iPhone? Hold the Sleep/Wake button down then immediately press the Home button. It automatically saves the screenshot to the built-in Photos app under the Camera Roll menu.

Enjoying iPhone Casinos

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A relatively new iPhone is a powerful tool with which to enjoy nearly all of the available online casinos. If they don't offer an iOS app, you have the hardware to handle their no download version. Just make sure your iOS is updated, and you'll be set to go!

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