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Game Description

Walking in the dark will not be easy.. Use the light to survive! The objective of the game is to take the key and exit every stage. You can get more points by gathering the gold chests before leaving the particular stage. Try to remember the skull locations because the whole game area fades to black! Just avoid the skulls, collect the gold and key, then exit. Also try to collect flashlights to re-light the stage! As the game progresses, the play are will become larger. Use the flashlights to see and try to remember your path. You lose a life everytime you step on a skull. Have fun!

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Memory fine, but takes a while before it becomes difficult, quite repetitive. Still a good time waster.
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super boring game
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This game is alright. Not my style.
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good game. fun and interesting. different. well worth a try
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its a really good game you should try it
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