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The Big Uglies

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Game Description

Play football with the big uglies! You are the quarterback, got a good arm? The objective of this game is to throw the ball to the receiver before the big uglies sack you. American footbal rules apply. There are various play sets you can choose from. Choose wisely because the defense will attack you from a random angle. Try to get the hang of how far your receivers are. Try moving away from the rushing defense and throw the ball just before you get sacked. Be careful on the timing of your pass because it might be intercepted. Just gain yards until you get a touchdown and win!

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to easy and pretty fun the graphics are a bit ugly and the sound is ok but ovarall average game.
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I like the concept of it, it makes you feel like a true quarterback and has plays you can run for your team. Big thumbs down to the scenes in between each play as they are long and get very annoying.
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