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Superfighters Deluxe


Superfighters Deluxe Game

Rating: Average: 4.54 / 5.00 rated by 119 users with 190,262 plays This game was provided to you by http://www.mythologicinteractive.com/
Superfighters Deluxe
MythoLogic Interactive have been chipping away at their next project, Superfighters Deluxe, and now it is starting to look like a game, one that they are hoping will be the ultimate 2D action game. Superfighters Deluxe might perhaps be one of the most ideal games to point towards if you were looking to back up Anna Anthropys argument that the gaming industry is all about men shooting each other in the face. But do not let that put you off, if you do enjoy a good spot of man-blowing-up action th ..more

en you should probably keep your eye on Superfighters Deluxe. It has come to our attention that some of you may not have played the original Superfighters though. For this crime, we sentence you to an eternity of playing it over on Newgrounds. Now skip on over there you and do not look back! So where were we? Ah yes, with you lovely people who have played the original Superfighters. You will know what to expect from this follow-up title then: chaotic, multiplayer, all-singing-all-dancing, 2D brawl-em-ups. Excellent. Deluxe will be more of the same of course, but with online multiplayer, a built-n map editor, character customisation and just more ways to create chaos. It is a while off yet though, the developers are at the stage where they are saying it is pretty much a functional game with a test level and just the basics in place. Well it is a start at least. We can not wait to hear more the developers are aiming for alpha testing by the end of May, for now we are left with this teaser trailer.

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