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Super Mario Sunshine 64

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Game Description

Guide Mario through this fun filled platform game, collecting as many gold and red coins as possible, but watch out for the enemies! To complete the game you must reach the Sunshine Sprite. Use Left and Right arrow keys to move and the Up arrow key to jump. Use the Space bar to engage the special water flying pack. To refil the water pack find a water filled well to stand in and eliminate the enemies by jumping on them!

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in simple words mario is alwayz suprbb
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Iv'e played the non demo version of this game but it still REALLY needs alot of work with the sprites and everything. super mario 63 is better compared to this. and mario's hover fludd goes up to high. it doesnt feel right compared to the original super mario sunshine. this is just a remake of super amrio 64. i though this was super mario sunshine?
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love it
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