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DESCRIPTION: Become a rock star! Open a rock club! Conquer the world! RockFREE is a multiplayer online rhythm game where players can battle each other to see who has the best guitar shredding skills! Create a rocker with your own unique style. Live your rock fantasy as you jam to real songs and crush the world with your godly skills! There\'s no download required to play. Just go online and rock out with your friends! HOW TO PLAY: - Select a song to play and choose a difficulty level. - Press and hold the 1 2 3 4 5 keys on your keyboard as the descending notes hit the corresponding numbered fret. - Complete a sequence of special notes marked with a flame symbol to fill your Power Strum meter. When this is full, you can activate it with the space bar to get double points! - Press and hold the Down arrow key on long notes with a tail to activate the whammy bar. - Visit other players\' clubs by clicking on the Van icon.

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im just waiting
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it takes too long :(
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eveything takes toooo long
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this is taking to long
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