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Purble Place

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Game Description

Purble Place is a bundle of three mini educational and fun games included with every Windows Vista edition and Windows 7 edition. These three games included in Purble Place are Comfy Cakes, Purble Pairs, and Purble Shop. These sub-games taking place in Purble Place will help children to improve their mind and rememberings, learn colors, shapes, and patterns and solve simple problems in logical ways and methods like eliminations while they are entertaining and having fun with lovely Purble Place game characters. Parents can encourage their children to play Purble Place in order to train children with skills in memory, model recognition and matching, logical thinking for a solution to problems.

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dUdE, ive gotta like, play this again. Memories are coming back of me on my computer as a child eating my corn dog while trying to make a cake.
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I love this game.
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FREAK I forgot the name of this until someone showed it to me I remember playing this game when I little ;( BUT IT FREAKING DOSENT LET ME PLAY
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i remember playing this all the time and it wont let me play smh
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it wont let me play :( i just want to feel like a kid again XD
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