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Nyan Cat

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Game Description

Nyan Cat is a skill game based on the internet meme. In this game your goal is to fly through levels by double-jumping from platform to platform. Collect items to earn points but avoid enemies and make sure you dont fall off the bottom of the screen! Collect power-ups to turn into Super-Nyan and Rocket-Nyan. Other secrets may await as well!

Nyan Cat Comments (63)
Best Comments
Score: +17 |
Oh Mama ! :[ I Can\'t Play This Game For Some Reason..
Score: +15 |
Whoopp! I did good my score was 21446! Haha fun game good time waster ;]
Score: +15 |
Oh my gosh! I\'m speechless, and frozen with awesomeness!
Score: +14 |
this game is winnar
Score: +11 |
Newest Comments
Score: 0 |
best game ever beides sonic
Score: 0 |
lol i'm the best i have more scores lol and this game kinda easy
Score: 0 |
BEST GAME EVERRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the over-dosed nyan cat!
Score: +1 |
very nice
Score: +1 |
It means you paused the game
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