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Net Kritterz - Virtual Pet Community! Join up for free games, shops, auctions, chat and more!

Net Kritterz Comments (88)
Best Comments
Score: +22 |
dosent work
Score: +19 |
dosent work so annoying got this off diary of a whimpy kid
Score: +8 |
THis doesn\'t work. I am really upset. I was bored so I decied to see if net kritterz was acctally a game after i read diary of a wimpy kid cabin fever. It is a game, but it doesn\'t work for me:(
Newest Comments
Score: 0 |
guy this is stupid ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyhhhhhbbhh
Score: 0 |
jeez! calm down dude!
Score: 0 |
doesint exsist
Score: 0 |
this sucks
Score: 0 |
how u play did game? got the game from diary of a wimpy kid!
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