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Game Description

Explore the mysteries of a dark fairy tale forest. Once upon a time, in a small house near the forest, there was a little girl called Nelly. Her childhood was boring, without toys or friends... One night she spot a beautiful butterfly, on which she immediately decided to try and catch it. Guide Nelly through this mysterious forest adventure.

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Score: +3 |
Excellent game, had to help myself with the walkthrough once, but really entertaining, somehow cute dark all the way. Good controls, but noticeable for its atmosphere more than the rest. Worth it to play, going into fav.
Score: +3 |
Amazing graphics and good game, wish it was longer
Score: 0 |
Score: +1 |
Cute game. Not much of an ending but well put together.
Score: +1 |
nelly iz shoo cute..bt d game iz complicated!!!!!!
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