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Jungle Defender

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Game Description

Shoot the targets accurately through various stages to protect your hut from harmful monkeys attack. Be Careful! As they are constantly approaching your hut to destroy it, so you need to be accurate in shooting to stop them. You will be given opportunity to upgrades your hut and weapons with the cash. Always remember that all weapons are of different nature according to their damage. Use mouse cursor to aim, left click for primary fire and hold space bar for secondary fire.

Jungle Defender Comments (4)
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not too bad. could be a lot better though, graphics and more explanation to upgrades
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this game isnt to bad but i wish they had more weapons to use that r cooler
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Alot like so many other defense games, but I still liked it
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i like this game and when you angry wid wild life you can take all that anger out on this game
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