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Jail Break

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Game Description

Don't do the crime if you can't do the time.......know what I mean? Welcome to Hell County Correctional Facility sonny! While you're here you should do exactly as instructed to escape from the jail... To escape from Jail you need to run errands and complete tasks. Ten levels - so you could be in for a long stretch! Use the Arrow Keys to move around.

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Score: 0 |
i cant freaking get past level 2
Score: +1 |
i cant even pass level 1!
Score: +2 |
Excellent game, far to be easy, Im stuck at lvl 4 playing the pool game. Variety is the spice of life and this one really makes it on that side. Going into fav. Now if that can help others players, tip for the lvl 3: C on the TV, it will light up the room partially, then the paper on the desk (riddle), the answer is e (hit the e key on the keyboard) then go the pillow, you are done with lvl 3. (better than just writing level 3 was easy and proving nothing huh)
Score: +1 |
level three was easy
Score: 0 |
this game sucks i cant get past level3 i hate it!
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