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Gravoor 5

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Game Description

Navigate through the levels without touching the walls. Pass through barriers by changing colors. Gravoor 5 is the ultimate time strategy game. It that takes a lot of patience and a steady hand to conquer the levels. There are certain traits you must pick up in order to bypass the tricky terminals. Traits that can enlarge or shrink Gravoor must be used in the right order and in perfect timing. A very simple game, yet very addicting. As the levels progress, Gravoor alien has to accomplish multiple objectives in order to go on to the next stage. Can you pass all the levels?

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this game is 4 brainiacs its so hrd!!!!!
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This game takes alot of time to get the hang of. There are some very tight corners and you need great control. But its great once you get the hang of it.
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it was ok but it was really boring after a while
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hehehe,very cool game,creative its very great.But kinda heavy
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