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Play with up to four characters in this browser based role-playing game. Discover a vast and intricate game world full of PvP fights, quests and new friends. Grand Epic is a browser based MMORPG set in a colorful fantasy world. When starting out in the online game you must create at least one character, but can play with up to four different characters to increase and improve your game experience. Once you have registered to play the fantastical browser game you are able to log in from any PC and continue your adventure. There are four character classes you can play with in Grand Epic, including Flowers Valley, TianMu Cave, Shu Mountain and Herming Mountain. The people of the Flowers Valley faction are skilled at archery, healing, wind chasing and other spiritual attacks. The people of the TianMu Cave faction tend to be more aggressive in battle and specialize in the broadsword, blood arrow, wind chop and angry-heart chop. Characters from the Shu Mountain faction are swift and elegent, and react quickly. They are adept in the use of the sword, and specialize in the howling, rainstorm and blast skills. People in the Herming Mountain faction are experts at long-range attacks and are masters of the rod. Other skills include longevity, thunder rod-chop, toaism yelling and the stun skill. The fantasy role-playing game Grand Epic features an intense, yet exciting, real-time combat system, colorful graphics, and thousands of captivating quests so players can learn new skills, gain new equipment and become more experienced. In the online game Grand Epic players can also adopt and train their own pets, to keep them company as they explore the world, and to help tackle enemies in surprise attacks. The fantasy game Grand Epic also features a real-time dress display system, a practical party system, and a fun shape shifting skill for players to master.

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Put a real game on here. Dont like creating accounts to play other games.
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