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Flash Point

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One fine day Bobby and Footsy were walking down the park, it was so perfect until... Complete each stage by passing mini tasks to get to the castle where an evil nerd has kidnapped footsy!!! After the game loads Click on the RECEIVE IT! Button at the top left corner to proceed to the game. In every stage you need to Left Click on the box flashing above the head of Bobby to select a random game to play. Every game has its own rules so don't forget to read the instructions at the beginning of each mini game. Don't fail in any game or you will lose a heart and if you lose all the hearts then it will be game over. After you complete a mini game return back to the stage menu and proceed to the next stage. Avoid the deadly bombs and rescue Footsy...

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we go like this...
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this game is fun and funny
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i like the mini games
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cool guys thats life
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i like the end of it when he got punch in the face by a girl 4 dating the other girl
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