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Electric Man 2

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Game Description

Electric Man 2 is a fighting game played with the keyboard controls. In this game your goal is to progress through a tournament by defeating your opponents in a series of matches. Use the keys to perform special attacks and move around the screen. Press A,S or D to attack your enemies normally or use Q,W, and E will to deliver special slow-motion attacks.

Electric Man 2 Comments (630)
Best Comments
Score: +88 |
Very Cool Game Indeed >:D
Score: +54 |
Score: +52 |
ITS SO FREAKING AWSOME,.................I FEEL LIKE A NINJA ..................XD
Score: +38 |
love this game so much it\'s fun cause skip around on it n it\'s so like me ahahh i kidd i kidd i don\'t know what to say abpot it
Score: +31 |
awesome game
Newest Comments
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nice games
Score: 0 |
this is dope
Score: 0 |
good game i like this game
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Good game I guess
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Girl Gamer here. This game really rocks! My man's name is Carlton with blue electricity around him and I gathered the codes :D How do they work???????
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