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Curve Fever 3

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Game Description

Catch the Curve Fever! Play against others online opponents and try to beat them in this quite addictive multiplayer online snake game.

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It\'s amazing how a so simple game can be so addicting
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Its a rally awesome and addictive game, the updates come every half year and there are many tournaments to join every few weeks. But i dont reccommend this game to anyone under 18, because alot of players in this game are insulting you and your whole family if they loose and neither admin nor mods are banning thoose players because they paid 10€ for a premium account. I wouldnt let my children play this game because of the language there. And without premium you cant play all the fun stuff because its premium only, and it takes alot of coins to play in premium rooms for a normal player. All in all its a funny game without proper moderators/admin.
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nice game
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