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Covert Front 2

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Game Description

Covert Front: Episode 2 is completely addicting adventure game fun. In Covert Front: Episode 2 our top secret agent Kara is up to her neck in hot water. Having infiltrated Karl von Toten's mansion and made off with key intelligence, she must now escape with her life and let her superiors know of her shocking finds. Covert Front: Episode 2 is the second point-and-click adventure game in this exciting espionage-filled series.

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love da game
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a very mysterious game 8.5/10
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cool game
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Excellent, certainly one of the best of the kind regarding there is a real plot, which is actually more than you get. Decent graphically, old fashioned comics like, good choice regarding the period of time it takes place in. Really interesting, need less to say I\'ll just hit the 3rd chapter right away. Didn\'t take long to run through it all, the hardest part was to progress in the sewer I guess, the rest was obvious. I feel like this chapter was way easier than the first one.
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I finally finished it. worth playing
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