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Cooking Mama 2

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Game Description

Cooking Mama 2 is a silly, simple game about cooking. You use the touch screen to complete recipes that are divided into lots and lots of steps, steps that don't always make complete sense and involve a lot of rice, fish, and chopping. Wash the rice, swirl the rice, cook the rice, chop the ginger, descale the fish, fillet the fish, steam the fish...it's a formula that worked well on DS in the past, and this sequel doesn't stray too far from the original. The recipes are as exotic and varied as ever. You'll make everything from hot dogs and pizza to loco moco, tokoroten, and saut�ed liver and chives (yum!). And there are plenty of recipes to keep budding chefs busy.

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peps pi ss me of on chat
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its not workkingg !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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it not working !!
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