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Click, drag and type to solve different puzzles and make your way further in this brain teaser. You've to figure out yourself how to solve each puzzle! But here is a hint for the first puzzle. Click and drag the key into the box and view the structure of the different slots. Then drag the key back and chisel out the different slots so that the key exactly fits into the box. The top panel opens when you succeed in matching the key pattern. Click on the grey arrows around the green button to move the cross hair to the first square. The number hidden below will become visible. Enter that number in the text box below and repeat the same for all the squares. Finally Click on the green arrow after you've entered all the digits to complete the puzzle. Good Luck.

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Good start to a great series.
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i got stuck up to the 3rd puzzle... so aggravating... haha
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This game was very challenging!!!! cool!
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