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This is the biggest race of all time and you have been selected to take part in it. Your racing skills are put to test in this thrill seeking and adrenalin pumping racing game. The championship is a racing game in which you have to race against other cars that are controlled by the computer. You have been set up with the best in this Man vs Machine competition. So what are you waiting for, go ahead and test your skills in this amazing racing game and see if you have the guts to challenge the best. Also see if you are the king of all champions or just a nobody.

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ok i gess but it is not that fun as i expected it to be it is not a must play
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far far to easy and the most boring cars ever
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The graphics arent too bad but the control isnt that great.. especially when you turn over and can still win hahaha
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no weapons not that good
tooooooooooooooo unrealistic
hate it
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