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A Tank Named Grizzly

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Game Description

Fly your ship through space and find Beltazar, the most wanted man of the Galaxy, confronting his bodyguards. You've to eliminate all the cobra bats in each sector to proceed to the next level. Don't let your grizzly tank to get severely damaged. Use the Arrow Keys to drive your tank through the streets. Aim using your Mouse and left Click to fire. Roll over the rockets to equip your tank with powerful laser rockets that can strike through the buildings. Press the Space Bar to switch weapon.

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spongebob:i dont get it
patrick:i dont either
spongebob:i just dont get it
patrick:i dont either
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wtf wat the hell.......................were they thinking when they made this game oo wait i know ....... he man lets make a stupid game ok wats it goign to be about umm hmm abotu make mike very mad game
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its boring nothing cool happens in next levels
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I kinda enjoyed it but it got boreing after the first few levels
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