Progressive Poker

Progressive Poker offers a possible big-money edge over the house that could put life-changing money in your pocket.

Progressive jackpots are offered on slot machines, at video poker, and as a bad-beat jackpot at poker tables.


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Progressive Poker jackpots often link together:

  • A bank of slots
  • Video poker machines
  • Or a group of poker tables

A set amount is collected from each machine or table and contributed to a progressive jackpot” which only players at the linked games are eligible to win.

For example, one credit might be collected from each slot or video poker machine per spin, while one dollar is collected from each pot at a poker table.

That might not sound like a lot of money, but the escalating cash quickly hits massive levels.

The two forms of progressive poker are progressive video poker and jackpot poker.

Poker Strategies to Help You Win a Jackpot

use progressive poker strategy to win a big jackpot

Progressive video poker machines are one of the most lucrative games a gambler can play.

The payout significantly outweighs your risk, and luck outplays skill when it comes to winning the jackpot.

But, you still can use a basic strategy to win at jackpot poker.

Play Texas Hold'em without Being in a Casino

how to win progressive texas holdem

Jackpot poker is easy to learn and fun to play.

  • In Video Poker, the prize is rewarded for a royal flush or 5 of a kind, depending on the game
  • In regular poker, a bad beat triggers the progressive jackpot
  • The bad beat requires a player lose with Aces full of Kings or better, or sometimes, four of a kind or better.

What does that mean?

  • In video poker, you get dealt a Royal Flush like this A♦K♦Q♦J♦T♦
  • In regular poker, you make Aces full of Kings (AAAKK), and still lose, or make four of a kind (7777) and still lose the hand.

At video poker, when you hit the royal, you win the entire progressive jackpot.

In regular poker, each room is a bit different.

The losing player gets 50% of the jackpot and the winning player gets 25%.

The rest of the table or the rest of the card room split the remaining 25%.

If the bad beat were $100,000, the losing hand would get $50,000, the winning hand $25,000, and the pot.

The rest of the table or room divvy up the other $25,000.

Tips on Winning Accelerated Pots

learn how to play progressive poker

Bad beat jackpot poker is a bonus that poker rooms offer their players as a reward for playing in their room, or as a way to generate action or larger crowds.

Progressive Jackpots affect your strategy in the following manner:

  • Play tighter than your usual strategy
  • Wild play is no more likely to win a bad beat jackpot than tight play
  • By playing fewer hands, you are doing the opposite of most of your opponents, who will be playing very loose and wild to try and hit one of the jackpot hands.

When you play tighter, you pay less of the jackpot rake, since you are putting less money into pots.

Playing for Growing Jackpots can put Money in Your Pocket

How to Play 3 Card Progressive Poker

how to play three card poker progressive

When you play progressive video poker, three card poker, and other progressive games, $2,500 is a key number.

Until the jackpot is hit, a 25-cent progressive video poker machine with a jackpot of at least $2,500 will have a payout/payback of 100%.

You never should stop playing a video poker machine at $2,500, until the jackpot drops below that number.

To do this you need to know how to play perfect basic strategy, so memorize it or keep the strategy chart out (or the program running.

This is important because you need to hit the full houses and trips to keep your bankroll funded while waiting for the royal to hit.

Timely Plays Boost Your Profits

how to profit from progressive poker jackpots

When it comes to profiting off progressive video poker jackpots, $2,500 is the magic number.

The odds of hitting a royal are supposed to be 40,000 to one.

For a 25-cent machine, the max bet is $1.25.

When you multiply the odds of winning a royal flush by the maximum bet on a 25-cent slot, you get 40,000 x $1.25 = $50,000.

While $2,500 and $50,000 are very far apart.  What gives?

Well, this is why you must know basic strategy.

By playing basic strategy, you can make a video poker machine give up to 97% payback.

At a 95% payback, $50,000 x 95% = 47,500.

If you put $50,000 into a video poker machine, you would get back $47,500, for a loss of $2,500.

Or to put is another way, 95% payback means you loose 5% in the long run.  $50,000 X 5% = $2,500 lost.

And that is why 2,500 is the magic number.

At that size, you cannot lose money in the long run, if you play basic strategy.

If the payback is 96% or 97%, the game gets much more profitable.

For different denominations, simply plug in the size of that bet.

For example, on a dollar machine:

  • $5 X 40,000 =$200,000.
  • $200,000 x 95% = $190,000.
  • For a $1 machine, the progressive jackpot must be $10,000 or more (200,000 – 190,00 = $10,000).

It is important to keep track of progressive jackpots, in both video and regular poker.


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