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Casino poker is the only game where the player is not competing against the house.

Instead, at casino poker, players compete against other players, not the house, or even the dealer.


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Whether in Las Vegas or online, casino poker is the only game the player and the casino work together, as partners.

That's right. At casino poker, the players and the casinos cooperate to keep the tables running and the games filled.

That's the same for all types of poker, including:

  • Texas Hold-em
  • Seven card stud
  • Omaha Hi-Lo
  • Razz

What is it that makes the winning, smart player, willing to work with the online casino?

Money. Lots and lots of money.

The truth is all winning poker players profit from this relationship with the casino.

The next time you log into your favorite casino poker site or app, think about how both the player and the casino make money from full tables and tournaments.

How Casino Poker Earns Cash

online poker rake

When you join a real money casino poker game online, you will see the casino take a small amount of money out of each pot.

This money is called “the rake,” and all online poker rooms, no matter if played through an app or in a browser, make their money off poker by collecting it.

All forms of poker pay the rake, and the amount can vary slightly at different sites.

In cash games, the rake is a percentage of money taken out of every pot.

Usually, the rake is capped at $5 per pot.

If the rake is 10%, the casino takes $1 out of every $10 put into the pot, up to a maximum of $5.

In a tournament, the casino poker rooms make their money from “tournament fees,” which is a small amount of money added to the price of the tournament.

The tournament fee is clearly marked and looks something like “$20 Plus $4 fee”.

In exchange for the rake, the casino provides a game that is guaranteed to be legitimate and protected from cheating. Also, the casino offers a neutral dealer who enforces the rules.

The rake is also used to promote poker games, to keep a fresh supply of new players, and thus new money, flowing into the poker economy.

The rake is also used to pay for the rewards, bonuses, and freeroll poker tournaments that online casino poker players earn while playing.

Where to find the Internet's Top Gaming Tables

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Several MuchGames articles have covered basic poker strategy.

They include tips for winning poker tournaments and cash games, like:

  • Playing tight aggressive poker
  • Solid starting hand selection
  • The power of the raise
  • The power of position

What are some of the lesser known secrets and strategies of casino poker pros?

Learn to Master Game Strategies and Tactics

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Winning poker players understand that poker is a social game.

Research shows people don't mind losing money to other players if they consider the other player a friendly, helpful person.

You can use this information to make money at online casino poker by:

  • Chatting with other players
  • Using friendly or fun emoticons
  • Encouraging their play
  • Always congratulating opponents when they win

Never insult, berate, or attack an opponent at the casino poker table, and do not tolerate this behavior from others.

Recreational players told researchers they would rather fold than give money to players they do not like.

On the other hand, they have no problem giving money to friendly, polite, social players.

If you want to make more money when playing poker, remember to be friendly in chat with your opponents. Then take their money in the next hand.

Online card rooms use a part of the rake to run promotions to get new players to sign up. It is the player's job to get them to stay by being friendly and social with them.

Even online, poker is a social game.

Wager and Win from Home in Complete Comfort

playing poker online vs. playing in a casino

One advantage to playing casino poker online is that it is easier to be friendly and social.

All it takes is pressing the happy and not the angry emoticons.

If one player is abusive towards other players, one can press the mute button, and the distracting, angry chat goes away.

There is no mute button in a real Vegas chat room, but it is online. Remind the recreational players to mute the jerks.

Online Poker Tournament Strategy – Middle stage, Red M.

Computer-Based Card Tournaments Are Richly Rewarding

online casino poker tournaments

Online casinos are better for tournament players than a physical casino.

That's because physical rooms can only run one or two tournaments a day.

Online casino poker rooms can run hundreds of poker tournaments of every type, every day.

That gives you many more options for playing and winning a lot of cash, as you become a more skilled player.




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