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If there is one drawback to poker, it is that poker can be a time-consuming game. Mobile poker has solved that problem.

It doesn't matter if a player's goal is winning a stack of cash game chips or winning a World Series of Poker Crown, correct poker strategy requires patience, and patience takes time.


play mobile poker

Mobile poker helps players find that time.

Tournament poker on a mobile phone reduces the amount of time it takes to play real poker for money.

Mobile poker apps and online casinos have developed two unique forms of tournaments which are designed to help players get the full tournament experience in a very short space of time.

The first type of tournament is called a Sit and Go.

Players just log into the poker room, go to the lobby, and pick the Sit and Go tab.

That's all it takes to start playing super quick Sit and Go tournaments.

  • Nearly all Sit and Goes can be completed in less than 30 minutes
  • Sit and Goes are one table tournaments
  • Almost all Sit and Goes are winner take all events
  • Some Sit and Goes run with only three players, while some need nine players
  • The fewer the players, the faster the sit and go is over

Mobile Poker Gameplay

Current mobile phone poker apps even have Turbo World Series of Poker satellites, which means a player could win a WSOP right from their phone.

Turbo Tournaments are different from regular tournaments in several ways:

  • A Turbo Tournament takes much less time to reach the money than a standard tournament
  • In a Turbo Tournament, a round lasts five or ten minutes, compared to thirty minutes
  • Because the rounds end much faster, the blind level increases much faster
  • Play hands far more aggressive than usual
  • Going all in has greater strategic value

Since Turbo Tournaments move so fast, players need to use a strategy which emphasizes speed and aggression over patience and waiting for hands.

Fast Gaming Equals More Hands

Sit and Go play combines fast play and the potential to win big.

The second form of super fast tournaments that are perfect for playing poker on a mobile phone is Turbo Tournaments.

Turbo Tournaments are found in the poker lobby, under the tournament tab. After logging in, go to the tournament lobby and pick a Turbo Tournament.

Turbo Tournaments can be set up to have one or one hundred tables and have buy-ins from micro to high roller stakes. No matter the size, they are perfect for mobile poker.

Win While Playing Card Games Anywhere

play poker on the go

The benefits of mobile poker go far beyond how the poker apps help manage time.

Mobile phone poker also makes a hit and run strategy in cash games make sense.

Since a player will only spend a short amount of time at a table, the other players will not be able to make long term reads.

Playing poker on the best poker app can help players increase their cash game winnings, or get them one step closer to winning a World Series of Poker bracelet.

Ante Up and Win on Your Phone

Both expert players and those just starting their poker career can have trouble finding time for poker tournaments and fitting cash games into an already hectic day or a full schedule.

There is always a game, or a tournament ready to run for the poker player who is willing to gamble on the go.


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